About Us.

Ripstic Vape is the original wickless vaporizer pen. Any attachment will fit any of our batteries so you only need one vape pen for all your occasions! Ripstic is all about convenience and consolidation. To ensure that all Ripstic buyers are satisfied, we offer an EPIC Lifetime Warranty! You can read more about this under the Help/Warranty tab.

Personalize your Ripstic Vape kit with:

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  • 3 Different Concentrate Attachments

    • “The OG” – Our classic stainless well. It holds more and hits harder than any attachment on the market!
    • RipDome- A portable dome and e-nail for fat tasty rips, on the go. It’s your dome away from home.
    • RipSlic – Similar to the dome but more discreet and durable. So Slic
  • Various Top Quality E-Cig Attachments

Ripstic is always working to expand inventory, in order to provide our customers with the best options possible!

About Our Company

Welcome to the Ripstic Vape community, we are the Peoples Vape. We are a handful of Vape enthusiast innovating the way you Vape. The Titanium Coil Wickless Ceramic Chamber design is our newest addition providing the best rip around. It provides pure flavor & no burnt wicks to ensure the best vape experience.

Ripstics are available for wholesale to interested buyers and can even be customized!

We have made customized pens for friends including STS9, The Untz, Robotic Pirate Monkey, BoomBox, Project Aspect, Late Night Radio, SunSquabi, Sonic Bloom, and Magnolia Miracle! Contact us to make your own customized collaboration!