Risptic Vape Master Kit

$140.00 $100.00

– 2 Ripstic Mini USB Batteries
– 2 Stainless Well with Cone Cover
– 2 RipSlic Wickless
– 2 SleekDome Wickless
– 1 RipCig
– 1 Mini USB Charger
– 1 Ripstic Case
– EPIC Lifetime Warranty

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The Ripstic Vape Master Kit has 2 Ripstic Vape batteries and 2 of each Ripstic attachment at a discounted price. Choose between the RipSlic, Dome, or Stainless Well depending on your daily adventures. Upgrade to our Pro Series Battery to adjust your voltage for the best flavor and bigger rips. Add a RipBub to your Ripstic Vape Master Kit for the full Flavor Town experience.


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