RipBub Vaporizer Kit


– 1 RipBub Quad Diffused Bubbler
– 1 Ripstic Mini USB Battery
– 1 Wickless Ceramic Titanium Coil Dome Atomizer
– 1 Mini USB Charger
– 1 Ripstic Case
– EPIC Lifetime Warranty


RipBub Vaporizer Kit

The RipBub Vaporizer Bubbler Kit is the most popular on the market. We didn’t want you to use cheap foreign glass so we found an expert glassblower to make them right here in Denver, Colorado with 100% durable American glass. The RipBub vape bubbler features 4 hole water filtration and a front air carb for the smoothest rip. When you combine the RipBub vape bubbler with our Titanium Coil Wickless Ceramic design, you end up with a mouth full or flavor.

The RipBub Kit includes :

1 Ripstic Vape Mini USB

1 RipBub Vape Bubbler

1 Wickless Dome Nail

1 Dome Base

1 Mini USB Charger

1 Ripstic Vape Case


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