Instructions & FAQ


Maintenance- Do not poke your battery or parts, it could break them. Condensation or liquid on battery connection can cause corrosion. You can clean the connection and all parts with Isopropyl Alcohol and a Q-tip. Soak the Attachments (NOT BATTERY) in alcohol and let dry completely or use a Q-tip & alcohol to wipe the connections off.

OG and Mini USB Batteries- Your battery usually comes with a charge. It has a 5 click safety feature. Quickly press the button 5 times to turn it on and 5 to turn it off. Run the battery dead the first time and then charge it fully to maximize battery life.

Battery Charging– Screw charger: RED light indicates charging & the GREEN light indicates charging has completed. USB passthrough: the RED light on  the bottom of battery indicates charging and will turn GREEN when completed. A full charge takes about 3-4 hours and will last for about 6 hours of continuous use. DO NOT charge over night. DO NOT over tighten any attachments. This may cause the battery to malfunction and VOID warranty.

Stainless Well- Remove Mouth piece. Use the well itself to scoop concentrates into it. (.2-.5 is an ideal amount to have in the cartridge at all times) Simply scoop the concentrates around the long tube wick in the center. Use a lighter to GENTLY heat the outside of the well causing the concentrates to slide to the bottom around the heating element. The long tube wick acts as retainer creating the most efficient vapor and airflow. If you are getting warm dry hits with no vapor or if you can see the coil glowing, refill the well. Do not continue to “dry roast it”. If you can see the coil, you need more oil! We recommend not using more than 4.2V on the stainless wells. High Voltages will cause them to burn out. Normal residue will build up between the Well and Battery. Simply clean with Isoproply Alcohol and Q-tip. *DO NOT USE LIQUIDY/PG/VG/CO2 products in this attachment. They are not thick enough and will leak out the bottom.

RipDome- Remove glass Dome from base. Load a pea/ball of concentrates onto the coil in the ceramic dish. Replace Dome and press the button to vape. Again, when you can see the coil glow, add more.

SleekDome- Remove Glass Dome and unscrew the cap with holes in it. Place a pea/ball of product onto the coil. Replace cap (optional) and replace the Glass Dome. Proceed to Rip!

RipSlic- Unscrew the metal top from base. Load a pea/ball of concentrates onto the coil in the ceramic dish. Screw the top back on and press the button to vape. Again, when you can see the coil glow, add more.

RipRaw- Unscrew mouthpiece from chamber. Place finely ground herbs over the coil in the chamber. We recommend using a glass screen between the coil and raw material.
(We have discontinued this product)

Raw Nail/Atomizer-
Simply screw this Raw Nail/Atomizer into any Dome Model. Unscrew the cap with holes. Place fine ground product into the cup. Replace the cap and proceed to Rip!

RipCig Tank- Unscrew the black mouthpiece. Drip the liquid down the inside wall of the cartridge. The silver hole is the air flow, do not fill in hole. Do not overfill.