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  1. I can’t wait to try out the RipRaw Mini!

  2. Love my late night radio ripstic hits great!

  3. Discovered Ripstic at Electric Forest in 2014 and amazed by the smoothness and the warm-hearted individuals who introduced me to this pen!

  4. These dudes literally have the best customer service of any vaping product on the market. Great product and even better customer service!

  5. Great customer service and the products are amazing!!

  6. Absolutely love Ripstic products! Been using them for years. Super reliable and superb customer service!!!!

  7. Generally high quality products, the higher end coils and variable voltage pens are highly competitive with any other brand.

  8. Great products at competitive prices. I buy from these guys anytime I need vape supplies.

  9. been buying the pens for me and dozen friends for 3 years now. I still hAve my original battery! PENS RIP GREAT!

  10. Great product, great customer service! The usb charge battery is the best! 3 years tobacco free! Thanx

  11. Heard nothing but good things, tried out buddy’s, and fell in love.

  12. Ive had my Ripstic for over a month and have had zero problems with it. I have to change the nail/coils out every few months which is only a few bucks. For me you cant beat the price or customer service

  13. I have been a Ripstic supporter since the first day I hit an OG stainless well years ago! Love the product, love what you guys stand for, love the customer service and the interaction with the community. Thanks y’all, keep up the great work!

  14. Ripstic has got to be one of the best on the market. The recharging battery is awesome and has lasted me years since I’ve purchased it. I can’t thank Ripstic enough for being my favorite way to consume concentrates.

    Ripstic is the best in the market.

  15. The quality on these products is very good and the price cannot be beat. I first tried a ripstic of my friends and I was impressed every time, I finally asked him where I could buy it and when I saw the prices I ordered right away! Super fast shipping, and the customer service team responded to my questions really fast too. The company and the product here are awesome, I will be a customer for a long time! Thanks a keep up the good work!!!

  16. Excellent, quality products for all of your vaping needs. Huge rips every time. Keep up the great work my friends.

  17. Haven’t tried your product yet but im looking forward to it I usually base on customer service nd reviews nd looks like yall have sold can’t wait to place my order

  18. Seriously the best customer service out there! I’ve gone through about 6 different batteries and they have replaced every single one of them without any question or hassle! Top notch service by a top notch company! Best hitting pens on the market today! Will definitely be giving my business to Ripstic from on. Thanks for everything guys, you rule!

  19. Best gift ever!!!

  20. Best pen on the market. Don’t have to worry about having some cheap charger, for the USB battery. Don’t have to worry about refilling your cartridge with the amazing Oil well. It’s been said but, hardest hitting pen I”ve tried. And a company with great customer service.

  21. I saw your pens on Nugs magazine and was Interesred by the colorful mouth pieces. When I saw the Sts9 version I was sold. Your vapes have every possible attachment needed and then some. I figured I’d let you all know that I am very pleased with my Ripstic. Thanks for doing what you do. Taylor

  22. Just got my new piece with the ripslic attatchment. Needless to say, hardest hitting and closest to dabs as you’re gonna get right here in a special package from the good folks at ripstic.

  23. Had a problem with a faulty battery and my problem was responded to asap. Shipping me a replacement as well! Could not have better customer service! Thanks again guys!

  24. amazing customer service and all of the attachments work like a charm, definetely telling my friends about ripstic

  25. Can’t thank the ripstic team enough. Best customer support and hardest hitting concentrate pen out there. Keep up the good work guys

  26. my favorite vape pen!

  27. I started using the Ripstic 3 months ago, proud top say I’m tobacco cigarette free since then! Thanks for everything!

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